Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns
04.22.16: Rollbars & Cheeseboroughs, Elvis's Van & VW's Diesels, Connery & Moore, Beers @ Helix Brewing, Zep, Beatles, Trower, Menomena, + GH Cohost Speedboat Goes Gilligan w/ Laser Dolphins & Vessel Assist

Hell's bells, it's another in-garage Garage Hour.  THIS is the purest gearhead talk, surrounded by fire extinguishers and beers and Muslim wrenches and ammunition and AR parts and truck parts and racecar parts and beer!

We've got to confess: this one's a little dark.  Hostus Maximus Justin Fort, Surfer Greg and Majid from GSR Car talk near-death experiences, ethnicity and religious humor, things in the ocean that could kill you, attack Muppets, bullets and where to put them…  But then again, if the Garage Hour did it, you know it's PG, and meant to make you think, not close your mind.

Topics on this one vary from the show's budding relationship with Helix Brewing Company in lovely, scenic industrial La Mesa, beers that matter, why black guns matter, why Justin is an honorary black guy, truck parts, truck mud, making a black & tan with vanilla cream ale and chocolate porter, and and why no one will order the Ocean Beach Pizza Port's Stinky Hippie Pizza.

From there, the cohosts hit their rhythm - Bond versus Bond, Twitting versus Instagramming, engineers versus ARs, blowtorch versus vice, technology versus trendy, VW versus the US gov't, red versus yellow versus pink beer, and attack dolphins versus SEALs.

To tie it all up, yup, we do indeed chat about cohost Majid's recent escapade of driving (sorry, sailing) his new deep-vee to Catalina for only making it four miles offshore before it shuts down on him…  Of course, the first thing he did was call the Garage Hour, mostly because we're awesome, but also because we have friends with tugboats.

If you'd like the low-fi version of this edition, grab the same date podcast with the "MP3" tag in the header.

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