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While sipping some super sauce at local brewer Pike’s Peak (home of too much wind and a few excellent beers), Hostus Maximus Justin Fort did a fine observational study of quarter-powered spray and wand car care.  With details on doin’ from brush cleaning to pressure application, to some not-tos to avoid that will turn your car washing adventure into a frizzle-fry of your fancy finish, this episode’s got it:  some BMWs, a Pilot and a Legacy, some Mustangs and the Cutlass Two-Degrees Theory, a 4Runner, some mud, and some strange pepperoni-armed top-knots who have the car-care acumen of a left-handed turnip.

While he’s at it: Mother’s Detail Guide, too much pressure or not enough kid, Chef Jeff, the Minnesota Cohost Report, dogs, geese, fat people, inside brooms and rocks for railcars.

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