Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns
04.24.10: Classic! Evos & Off-Road, Broken FJs & Tijuana Paint Jobs, Mac 10s & AKs & The Suitcase Gun, Sasquatch VS Beer, Turbo 4Runners, Slayer & High On Fire & Die Krupps, Anza-Borrego Earthquakes

Pure gearhead talk superiority right here:  the Garage Hour goons hit every target with this episode.  Cars, trucks, beers and guns, sasquatch ballistics and FJ ignition, hippie hunting and Supra turbo-powered 4Runners, Funco buggies, missing remote controls, heavy rock and sludgy metal, Bilstein suspensions, Mexican paint jobs for rorty SS Camaros, fire damage in Ramona and earthquake damage in the San Diego desert.  That's just for starters - get this one if you like it fast, dense and gearhead.

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