Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns

Finally, something good comes of enabling: enable your garage to do more gearhead things (and stuff)!  Just Mark, Just Caleb and Justin sit down amongst the Porsches at the new AutoVos (Caleb bought out EAS and went independent) for an hour of making garages better.  Stop polishing the door handles and think bigger:  (tasteful) additions of more floor and door, coating and levelling those floors, getting more work underway with ramps and stools, expanding the tools available with better boxes, plus seasonal enhancement with heating and drainage, and while we’re thinking big, how about building up with a second story and a bridge to the house?

There’s so much more: a semi drag races a Rav4, Ruger makes a nice .22, the Dutchese sell a pricey Stryker, Great Divide, Big Sky, Cerviceria and Trinity brew fine beers, catwalks make a handy way to repel the hipster hordes, plus Man or Astroman, Galactic, Pantera, Dead Milkmen, Fugazi, Truckfighters and Five Horse Johnson.

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