Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns

Holy carp!  Too much good stuff (and a bunch of random hilarity, because gearhead).  This Garage Hour was a gathering of the goon squad, based on no reason other than it's awesome.  From stalwart cohosting machine Diesel Ayatollah, Basso Profundo himself (Chef Jeff) and an operational (when not operating) Gringo Rich, to the threat of FNG weather with newb cohosts Ryan and Kevin (to name a few), Hostus Maximus Justin Fort keeps this thing on the rails... for about 30 seconds.

Apparently, eight gearheads, blowtorches, bolts, Blues Brothers, barbecue, beers and a garage adds up to gearhead talk-radio genius.  Then it's all cars, trucks, beers and guns, plus the aforementioned stuff and some mentioned aft:

Banning Priuses from the Mumford lane?  Obviously.  Banning Burns Co. slant-drilling in New York?  It's in there.  The end of good rock?  Clocked it.  E46 BMWs for fun and VANOS repair?  Yup.  Burns Slant-Drilling Company?  Worked there.  Skeet surfing?  Every Wednesday.  Gearhead must-watch movies?  Listed some.  The taste of ATF?  Not as good as a Pineapple Grenade from Protector Brewery.

Also, according to this bunch, Bullitt is now anti-albino, the top shelves are genetic victim markers, Jeeps are born seeking repair-victim status, all aftermarket wheels are potential dealership victims, and trannies are supposed to stay between the (frame) rails.  Then they make sure to insult or offend Moe Sislack, Bob "Catfish" Filner, work gloves, power steering, Mercedez-Benz engine designers, Persian mechanics, cartoons, snowflakes, bulls and Huffy.  So much.


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