Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns

The Gearhead Consultancy gathered at Protector Brewery to chat with Mike from San Diego County Gun Owners about the state of your freedoms in the third-world kleptobureaucracy of Kalifornistan, and Protector Team 1 leader Sean Haggerty joined in, #becauseinteresting.

The episode revolves around gun laws in San Diego, SoCal and worldwide, including updates on your access to a CCW in San Diego, and how to get them from Sheriff Bill "Ruby Ridge" Gore, SDCGO's CCW meetings, the "Week of Freedom" and how generous Americans nationwide helped 700,000 CA residents buy more than 2,000,000 10+round magazines.  Mike also shines some sunlight on the assault politicians in Sacramento, who seek to drive their citizens into the desert by banning gun shows, and the legal black hole caused by politicians using red-flag laws for political gain.  Or Cain.  Both.

There's also a look at 2A-thinking around the world as Europe's slow sinking under the weight of invaders from the lawless Middle East drives citizens of European nations to clamor for 2A-style rights, as well as new castle-style protections in Indiana, Florida, Italy, Hungary, and the Czech Republic.  The Garage Hour also reflects on memories of the Roof Koreans, and how the Second Amendment kept a lot of people safe during the LA riots.

Yeah, which riots, right?  Freakin' Los Angeles.  Then there was yummy Protector beer.

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