Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns

Holy carp, if you ever may use a gun to protect your person, people or property, this is an episode for you.  We dug into a great interview of a gent who came out on top during a parking lot throwdown with an armed criminal.  Colion Noir did a good job and let the winner (hey, he’s not dead) talk about it: the boon of practice (practice, practice...), the bane of tactical doodads, why round-limits will get you killed, big guns versus small, physical wellbeing and the right clothes, situational awareness, how you’ll feel and what to do and say afterwards, and why you carry with a pew in the pipe (because “Carrying With a Round in the Chamber Saved My Life”).

There’s a lot more here, and every ounce is worth a shooter’s time: smart meet-ups, lawyers for shut the f@€& up, don’t be fat, plus Contagion, NIN, Deftones, Whorgasm, Chainsaws & Children, Alien Faktor and Steril.

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