Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns
05.05.12: Chuck Norris Episode, Plus Motor Mounts, Turn Signals, Miatas & Tornadoes, Old Kung Fu Asskickers, New Viper VS Old, Pedal Footwork, Creature's Truck Wreck, Grilled Cheese, Saigas, Bullet Buttons, & Robin Trower

THIS is a hysterical Garage Hour, with all the back and forth gearhead tomfoolery you've come to expect from the best of the Garage Hour goons.  So much good stuff.

And Yes, you may have heard, this is the Chuck Norris episode, chock full of Chuck facts and witticisms that drive women crazy and cohosts mad...  It's not all ball bearings, however, because it's the Garage Hour - we digress.  There's local dining at Tiger Tiger, Russian shotguns, the new Viper versus the old one, Chuck Norris, turn signals, Evolutions and motorhomes, Chuck Norris, the Indiana report with Hoosier Eric, STi motor mounts, driving Tail of the Dragon, couches and Jerusalem, old kung fu asskickers and new art from David Lozeau, Chuck Norris, Dan Gurney, a tough guy montage, and the tale of sometime cohost Creature  wrecking his Super Duty.

Dirty Dave, Black Ryan, Garrett the Couch and Don't Die Brian help Hostus Maximus Justin Fort Chuck this one up.  Soooooo much good stuff.

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