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05.07.11: Dead Stuff Episode? US Manufacturing VS China, Buick, Getrag, Osama, Kung-Fu Fighting, Empire Carpet Guy & King Stahlman, Matt Marker, + Cobalt, WRX & Miata Mileage, Taco Bell VS Slaughterhouses, & the .50-cal Ricochet

They tried so hard - the "Dead Stuff" topic was supposed to be a collection of slightly serious topics that would allow the Garage Hour goons to explore gearhead topics with their brains instead of a schnoz full of boba, and bash China's ham-fisted attempts at regional hegemony (while undermining the US at every turn).  Unfortunately, it's the Garage Hour, and banjos happened, as did WRXs and shark-jumping and Targa Trophy and the dreaded .50-cal ricochet argument.

All this digression aside, it WAS a good episode, with excellent chatter, a call-in from Mr. Dustin, important conversations about Dude Food and where your food comes from (hmmm, slaughteryards…), plus stealth Blackhawk helicopters, the painfully gradual arrival at as-promoted topics like Osama bin Laden's death at the hands of US spec-ops types, Duane Johnson versus Vin Diesel (what's his real name? Chauncey?), and the humorousness of a custom 12-gauge load that goes soft and makes your bird gun fart like a fat guy after Thanksgiving freaking dinner.

It's the Garage Hour - have some.  If you'd like the low-fi version of this show, search for the same episode date with an "MP3" in the title.

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