Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns

Too much good stuff!  This Garage Hour Reload had everything from tannerite to OJ's Bronco and short-course off-road racing to Elsinore VS Glen Helen, 'froading in SoCal, Blackstar Canyon, the Zip-It Hippie shirt and pistolized Mosin Nagants. It devolves into a board meeting about the first-ever Garage Hour Gun Getogether.

The studio and all lines were infested with cohosts, including the boys from Second Amendment Clothing, Nacho from Wisconsin, Gainfully Employed Dave, Mr. Dustin, Vitamin "E" (also from Wisco) and disaster-master Justin Fort's little brother Johnny.

Backed by the Top Taxpayer Mix (also known as the Mr. Dustin, Top Earner Mix) and a lot of t-shirt cannons, this is a throwback worth keeping.

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