Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns

…Lots of parts to this episode, but they fit:  with Faith No More on the soundtrack, Hostus Maximus Justin Fort does everything from excellent Dude Food (fine sirloin and the only way to enjoy fish tacos), a revelation of historic WW2 Jap tunnels under Okinawa by NHK, scary details of federal bureaucrats trying to double the Corporate Average Fuel Economy (and send taxpayers to the poorhouse), and a proper sendoff for NFL standout (back when the NFL was worth a shed) and seriously powerful dude Larry Allen, whose pleasant normalcy made him an excellent weirdo.

While that’s afoot, there’s a leg too:  Joe Biden’s basement ruining Rubio’s, electricity, trees and NASCAR (or what’s left of it), UPS stalkers, new automotive crime from gangs in NYC, and some cool WW2 history.

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