Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns
05.11.13: Tanks & Trucks, Bilsteins & ARs, Doc Holliday's Street Howitzer, Expensive Stereotypes, German Planes @ WW2, Zep VS Keith Moon, Plus Scary Movies VS American Literature & Hillary VS Benghazi

The Garage Hour is not complete without an occasional episode that actually demonstrates our actual intelligence.  This is one of those, short on the usual ricochet hillarity and leveraged pretty heavily with the brains of the operation.  Everything from Doc Holliday and his street howitzer to the consumption that ate up he and his fellow lungers.  There's rock and/or roll with Fatso Jetson, Led Zeppelin, Keith Moon (and his handfuls of pills), and a tour down Memory Lane with Nikita Khrushchev.  We also take some pot shots at Hillary's pending Benghazi doom and discuss fine literature and "the American novel".

Beyond the big words and pretty pictures, the Garage Hour goons don't skimp on the necessities: Japan's thirst for 5.56, ARs, scary movies, and birthday wishes to real American guy and president, Harry Truman.  Oh, and there's also a little bit of the Simpsons, knives at gunfights, P2K Range, the Graveyard Farmers, Iowa farmers, and when it's okay to shoot your neighbor's dog.

To have an episode of this magnitude, you need the smart guys: cohost Crag Maxwell, resident bookmonger of Maxwell's House of Books in downtown La Mesa, plus noted history buff .45 Phil join noted satirist and Hostus Maximus, Justin Fort in the studio.

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