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When the gearheads get enthusiastic, the geeks get going:  the new-car connectivity albatross and its threat to AM (as well as your seat heaters), why new cars and their general state of suck is making a mess of the used-car market, and some F!ed up fun from Kalifornistan, where the police can’t chase you and the earth is swallowing up off-roaders  Then it’s turbos, bugeye WRXs, EVCs, own-versus-rent and right-to-repair, and a breakdown of the better James Bonds (and why Remington Steele’s/Pierce Brosnahanan’s “November Man” could have been perfect).

More for you:  DJ Contact (w/ DJ Cookie Dough), Amon Tobin (with a mashup), Air (#becauseweird), and Source Direct (#becausetractor).  Also, Umberto from GRC, The Uhhs, jerkles and unicorn skulls.

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