Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns
05.14.11: Classic! Off-Road w/ Toy VS Jeep, the Garage Hour Navy, Ducks Unlimited, New Subies, Hillclimbing Lightnings  (Don't), Diesel Drifting, Patton Quotes, and Knife Hunting Pigs

Killer roots Garage Hour right here: everything from broken mics to broken Jeeps, plus Justin and Mr. Dustin's midnight run, side-by-sides VS real trucks, Corral Canyon, battleships and railguns, domestic automaker's San Francisco fail, Subaru BRZs and Toyota FRSs, how to break an SVT Lightning hillclimbing, out of touch Californians, drifting, rifles, Ducks Unlimited, epic full-auto Saigas, hog hunting, pig ambushing and Mr. Dustin and Slimer on the road...  Also, this might be the origin-episode of the Garage Hour's fascination with covering the USS Iowa with railguns.

Joining Hostus Maximus Justin Fort in the studio this fine eve are Mr. Dustin, Top Jeeper, and Dirty Dave, Ultrabaggage.

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