Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns

Sorry about the slow uploading - too much work to do.  Got to pay the bills.  Lots of new Garage Hour coming in May.

This vintage reload is all about the 'froadin: we have near-death experiencer Cliff-Diving Dave in-studio to talk about how he's not dead, despite his Jeep's best efforts to fling him off a cliff on Saddleback in Orange County.  Seriously, above-the-clouds cliff.  Fortunately, there were a bunch of Toyotas nearby to save him.

Dave #1 and Dave #4 join in the usual Garage Hour fare after that: V8 BMW M3s versus V-10 Dodges, homologation versus homos, Speedvision versus Fox and Fox Network versus gearheads, the Isle of Mann Tourist Trophy, historic road racing on Torrey Pines, off-roading in San Diego, plus sasquatches and bears and what caliber is better than a .22LR (all of them).  Then we counsel Cliff-Diving Dave about tow points and off-roading with friends, and then it's off to Ballas with Dollas for Gamblothon at Barona Drags.

Because gearhead.

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