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05.18.13: AR-15 Is Your Friend, Building ARs, Gun Racism, Watching Cannonball Run, Salt Flat Fly-Bys, Dick Trickle (RIP), the State of Barry O's White House, Reloading Ammo, Plus Drunken Sailors & Instigatism of the Idiotlings

It's the second of many Garage Hour AR-15 episodes, this with the boys from Wilde Built Tactical - a fine collection of AR building, AR styles, AR sources, AR-15 versus AR-10, and some of the crackpottery pretending to be laws that states like the People's Republic of California keep putting into play, hoping it'll stick this time.  Remember, the AR-15 is your friend - don't succumb to gun racism.

Have no fear - it's the Garage Hour - so there's also a fine load of gearhead chatter, tomfoolery and explosions too, including sounds from the salt flats, the .50-cal ricochet, Ghostbusters versus Zombieland, the must-see that is Cannonball Run, 9mm and .223/5.56 tales, some words of respect for NASCAR legend Dick Trickle, and a few thoughts about life as the KGB by the Garage Hour's very own Agent Aya, plus .45 Phil, Bryan and Charles from Wilde Built, and Hostus Maximus Justin Fort.

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