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05.21.11: Classic! RIP Macho Man, Patton VS Chuck Quotes, Off-Road @ Corral Canyon, Death Threats, Border Patrol, Open Carry, Disaster Relief, Purgatory, and Why The Barry Administration's Huge Heads Don't Mean They're Smart

Oh. My. God.  Mega-humor Garage Hour right here - everything from one of our most unprofessional intros to how to ghost-ride your whip in Donk Town.  Also, Patton VS Chuck, off-road plans, Charlie Sheen (before he got all cracky), unfandom of the CHP, our bizarre hatred of the Honda Ridgeline, more stuff about zombies (duhh), the new Stinky Hippy Pizza at Pizza Port OB and the uterus shirt.  Seriously, or not.

Dirty Dave, Mr. Dustin and Grizzly Chris join host Justin Fort in KCBQ's gleaming black towers of broadcast superiority for this one.  Grab it.


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