Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns

Why does it feel like being a gearhead makes us a target?  Cars, trucks, beers or guns, they're all in the sights of the politicians in Sacramento, and you should be worried.

What's wrong with a government bureaucracy that levies more and more taxes and fees on an overtaxed (literally and figuratively) electorate?  How can a state with some of the most burdensome regulations on auto and vehicle ownership create more?  Why do politicians in the capitol of California behave like they don't want citizens to enjoy the constitutional freedoms guaranteed them?  Does it look to you like the leftist elitists in Sacramento have figured out that the time's running out on their party?

In this episode, Hank Watsons's Garage Hour and Hostus Maximus Justin Fort take an hour to pull back some of the curtains shrouding the scary statists who've been chaperoning the pending failure of the third-world cleptobureaucracy of Kalifornistan, and how the Big Gov't policies of these "Democrat" progressives and statists have taken direct aim at our wallets, our hobbies and our cars.

Don't be low-info: the Gearhead Consultancy is here to help.  The Garage Hour's got insight into the precipitously unglued bureaucratic mindset of politicians and quasi-governmental institutions that are running the state like drunks at a liquor sale.  This is not a drill: CA's coming after you, and the taxes and fees that Sacto has once again levied in the face of every reason not to are yet another sign of the pending Fool's Apocalypse.

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