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Geeks don’t want politicians to take away their freedom to roam, nor ruin their gearhead life (geek powa!), and the skill-set guys (aka: geeks) won’t let snap-lift oversteer derail an otherwise enjoyable 120mph joyride in the 3-Series daddy just bought ‘em.  Meanwhile, back at the garadtch, we dipped our toes in a collection of indestructibility for your driveway (this topic will return - the schwartz says so), as well as vacuum wiring, “initial” build quality, tranny fluid, Floriditis, and technology is still not on our side.

It’s not all ball bearings nowadays: independent beermakers like Appalachian Mountain go rogue, drones with artificial intelligence go rogue, carmakers’ data-capture goes rogue, and Wyoming goes rogue to protect its taxpayers.  Special appearances by Carl Sagan, Mission Creep, Orbital, Elmer Bernstein, Meat Beat Manifesto, Genesis and the NY Post...

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