Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns
05.25.13: Garage Hour Fan-Mail (w/ Haters!), KGB Humor, Sid Vicious VS Garbage VS King's X, .45 Phil's Tank of the Week, Memorial Day Dos & DUI Don'ts, Hybrid Hypocrisy, #1 Lane Fails, Gun Control = Two Hands, Plus Cool Battleship Stuff

A very high-Q Garage Hour right here: KGB and Russians, the tanks that defeated them, sunken passenger ships and the battleships that didn't, a thoughtful reminiscence of Memorial Day and the men and women who made it possible, and Charles Bronson's Death Wish remodelled for the Andy Griffith show, courtesy of the Simpsons.

Like we promised, though, throughout the show is a hearty review of recent Garage Hour fanmail and listener correspondence (plus one fine hater) by .45 Phil, Crag Maxwell (who introduced his alter-ego, Mag Craxwell, in this episode), Agent Aya (who brought along her handler, one "Angela Black"), and Hostus Maximus Justin Fort, who, despite all of the KGB agents in the studio, was only threatened once.

There's also a goodly heap of rock and roll awesomesauce, including a discussion of the little-known Sid Vicious/Garbage/King's X tour.  Or not.  Oh yeah, the Garage hour goons also make fun of hybrids, but that's like shooting at the side of a barn - you're going to hit it, you're just not sure when.  Then it's a bunch of prattling on about DUIs and how the cops will stick it to you - don't be a fool, and don't drink and drive.

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