Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns
05.31.14: Sasquatch Run Off-Road Report, Scary CA Laws to Track Your Driving, Local Fairs and Fine Dining, Beer (Duhh), Sci-Fi Movie Preview, and Get Off Your Ass and Vote!

This Garage Hour has tons of good stuff: off-road details from the latest Sasquatch Run (including creaky Toyotas, 22R noises, Jaime's stunning candlepower and a Jeeper named Mark), tales of CA's proposed mileage tax, a look at Wings Over Gillespie, some new Hills menu items, and how the web's getting more and more nichey and less and less centralized every day.  We also toy with details of the upcoming sci-fi movie episode. Cohost .45 Phil and Chef Jeff from The Hills in La Mesa joined host Justin Fort to assist with the ruckus.

There's also plenty of rock and/or roll, fixin' stuff, Prong, Goatsnake, stereo parts, a promo for the latest ASDS/Calguns pistol event, Direct Action Solutions' KRISS SMG, and a serious look at how many people fascists killed versus commies like Stalin, Pol Pot and Mr. Red himself, Mao.

We don't mess - grab the podcast immediately, follow us at GarageHour.com, and like us on Farcebook, but before you do any of that, go vote!


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