Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns
06.01.13: Truck Parts In-Studio, Gearhead Boycotts, Turbos VS Superchargers, Hunter S. Thompson, Sterling M. Archer, Working on Fuel Tanks, Drug-Driving Idiots, Enthusiastic Beveraging, and Mazda Miata for Everyone

So much sauce, so few hours...  This is one of the most entertaining Garage Hours ever, with special guest host 220,000-Mile 4Runner Fuel Filter and regular cohost Agent Aya supporting Hostus Maximus Justin Fort as they wade through Archer, the lives and deaths of fuel filters, turbo-supercharging versus mechanical-supercharging, Orgy (the band), Everything Beautiful Rusts (the album), the Garage Hour's official Miata count (we're at eight), boycotting REI, Sierra Nevada and Staples, Toyota truck suspension parts, Hunter S. Thompson stunts, Bilstein Boy Brett's Yawsport grand opening, Diggstown, a visit from Mic the Mike, Dave Stall, and a call-in from DPRK leader and sociopath-in-chief Kim Jong Uno.

Justin and Aya also delve into a few of the basic fast-guy skills that he will be teaching her on her first canyon run the next morning (at whereabouts unknown).

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