Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns
06.02.12: NYC Traffic Attack VS Voter Guidance, Mach 1 Theft Dump VS SD Mayoral Madness, Wrenching Zen VS Union Agony, + Five Horse Johnson, Contagion, Die Krupps, Deftones & Dead Kennedys VS Dead Milkmen

Killer episode right here...  One of those have-cohost, will-prognosticate.  Any topic in a storm.  This one's a twofer: traffic and speed parts (gearhead!) and a collection of voter guidance for upcoming local San Diego elections (politics!).

Dirty Dave and Crag Maxwell assist Hostus Maximus Justin Fort in picking through a pile of bad ideas and broken bits, while he keeps trying to detour them to tales of MST3K, estate sales, really good darkwave and industrial music, and why anyone with "Coexist" sticker is a raving fool.

In addition to all that shrapnel, there's the definition of a technical conservative, license plate funds versus stimulus funds, broken sway bars, beer and bites at Manzanita Brewing and Eastbound Bar & Grill, feral drivers, jumping Geos, and why you should never, ever buy a rental car.

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