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Is Bubba Wallace the new Danica Patrick?  Way to ruin what little credibility you had left, schmuck.  We prefer Jim Brown - R.I.P., big guy.  We also prefer Richard Jewell (speaking of R.I.P.), whom this episode somehow commingles with the Unabomber (who will probably not be resting peacefully, if you catch our drift).  Then it’s all experts and flying SFPD patrol cars and NYC suing carmakers who don’t make cars that can survive the city’s criminals, plus not blowing people up.

Don’t worry, there’s more, like a complete “16 Volt” background track, journalists behaving badly, “Escape from New York”, “Invasion USA”, Kurt Russell, Chuck Norris, Lee Van Cleef, Mac 10s, and more corruption in Quid Pro Joe’s basement.

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