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06.07.14: 5th-Anniversary Uncelebration, 'Squatch VS Vespa, GM VS Recalls, GM VS Itself, International Podcasting Awesomeness and Garambiance

Ahhh yes, one of those episodes...  We hit on everything that makes gearheads tick (now, in our fifth year!), ratcheting up the garambiance for a review of Gov'ment Motors' troubles with millions of recalls, unsold Cadillac hybrids littering dealership lots, the Aztek (yuuuuup), using a whole bunch of made up words to describe them. We're gearheads - if there ain't a word for it, we'll build one to suit.

Taking time out from congratulating Command Master Chief Larry Wilske, candidate for the 53rd District, and reminding you that if you don't vote, you don't get to argue, Hostus Maximus Justin Fort and SuperMeg (fresh from her Vespa-crashing Sasquatch attack) also dig into Calvin & Hobbes creator and super-recluse Bill Watterson, Anthrax, Michelle "Call Me Patrick" Obama, Dr. Who's repeated new-season fails, pot-use fails, Seth "Fail" McFarland, gun rights, doubling our Swiss audience, and why Bill "Ruby Ridge" Gore is not good.

Remember, just because the Simpsons did it doesn't mean you shouldn't.


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