Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns
06.08.13: Second Amendment in CA, Your Rights VS Bogus Laws, Tower Records, Al Jourgensen VS Ministry, Ammunition & Firearms Retail w/ Wilde Built Tactical

Rock & roll?  Check.  Second Amendment rights?  Check.  Ammo?  Check.  School districts and local cops with MRAPs and APCs?  Check.  Conspiracies and Rachel Madcow?  Check.  Local and national politicians who aren't fans of your Constitutionally-guaranteed freedoms?  Better check...

We brought two guys from Wilde Built Tactical - Charles and Bryan - into the studio for this episode, because there was a lot of new anti-2A activity in California's capitol (nation-wide, as well).  You can't fight what you don't understand, you understand?  Agent Aya and .45 Phil revel in their cohost duties in the meantime (with Silent Craig looking on...), making Hostus Maximus Justin Fort look good.

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