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06.12.10: Classic! Toyota Recall Kickback and GM Recalls "Chevy", NASCAR on Road Courses, Union Suckage, Complicateder Cars, Acetylene Blimps, and Croaking Toads for Fun and Profit

Killer throwback Garage Hour: road-racing with NASCR, toad killing in the Australian outback, tiger-attacked slingshot stoners sue the zoo, face-melting with the Ark of the Covenant, Buick recalls, Toyota recall (plus kickback), more GM recalls including the name "Chevy" (which was unrecalled the next day), plus corporate moronitity and more made up words, shooting with Mr. Dustin, more automaker recalls, union suckage, heavier and complicateder cars, eyeballs are from Shakespear, melting Bill Clinton melting, Jew-hating Helen Thomas (good riddance, Madame Crackpot), acetylene blimps, beer in Baja, militarized Toyotas, and eating your veggies.

Hosted by road-racing mother father Justin Fort and ably cohosted by Miata-wielding beardfan Dirty Dave.

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