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06.13.09: Classic! Second-Ever Garage Hour, w/ Harley Letner & Cory Halopoff & Goodyear Racing, Crap Orange County Traffic, Good Clay Bar Detailing, Formula 1 VS F1 Manufacturers, GM VS the U.S. Taxpayer, Plus Hummer & SAAB Say FU

Holy schnikeys, that's an old one!  This Garage Hour Reload is the second-ever episode of the show, and man, does it stink.  No, actually, it doesn't, but it does do a lot to show how Hank Watson's Garage Hour has evolved over the years - just grab a freshie from 2014 and play 'em back to back.

Dirty Dave and Hostus Newguy Justin Fort did their first big interview for this one, chatting with Goodyear Racing's Cory Halopoff and Harley Letner, who'd just days earlier won the Baja 500 in their Class One, even beating the motorcycles.  This interview was on the heels of a big rules scandal that had taken perennial cheaters like Robbie Gordon off the podium for speeding on public roads and cutting the course, and Harley and Cory had plenty to say about it.

In addition, the Garage Hour goons chatted the usual gearhead goodness - auto detailing and the clay bar, Formula 1 and its FIA-addled battle with Formula 1 manufacturers, the abysmal state of San Diego traffic and why it's Orange County's fault, and the gradual breakdown of government-owned General Motors.

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