Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns

Some good beer-on-radio gearhead talk for you…  The Garage Hour goons get together with our other favorite brewery in the East County's Circle of Hops to sip and chat rock, bikes and beers.

We usually record at Helix Brewing Co. in La Mesa, but they were ultra-busy with a new wave of beers, so Hostus Maximus Justin Fort, Chef Jeff and the lovely Karen dropped in at Burning Beard Brewing in El Cajon to hang out with 1/2 of the outfit's dynamic duo, Mike Maass.

This episode is heavy on the music and the beer to go with it, and we have good debates about ingredients, beer styles, concerts in SoCal, bands that matter, and single versus double-bass.  Beard also announces their pairing of a tap takeover at the Pizza Port in Solana Beach with a Sword show at the Belly (Corporate) Up on July 18.

We also chase details of the secret tracks on the epic Beard jukebox, Owner #2's (Jeff) pursuit of Liberace, Menudo and New Kids on the Block, and whether Al Jourgenson and Ministry opened for Bing Crosby or Soundgarden first.  Then, it's all about side effects: tapeworms, loss of etiquette and projectile leprosy.

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