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06.16.12: Classic! Plentiful Rant Episode w/ Diesel V12s, 24 Hrs of LeMans, Land Engines, Speedvision, Obama Predictions, Crazy Women, Nuke Shutdown Lunacy and Dying Mustangs

You've got to love these 100%-everything episodes, now with more race, more car, more breakdown, more buildup, more diesel, more trike,  and more rants.  Also, this one's hysterical - have some.

Grab this podcast if you're any fan of 24 Hours of LeMans (no lemons here), AJ-USA's Garage Hour discount, Arley Irmy, (Gunny!), nuke plants, stupid kneejerk government behavior, Nissan's LeMans trike, passed out LeMans fans, land engines, Speedvision (RIP) and why it's dumb to wait until you're old to make a bucket list.

Host Justin Fort stars with Dirty Dave and long-lost cohost Don't Die Brian.


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