Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns

Our friends at Focus on the Forest have built a grassroots non-profit that picks up trash just like we all should, and because the Garage Hour runs what we brung and hauls what we brought, we got together so you can too. Whether you're out in the woods for some four-wheeling, biking, shooting or climbing, this is the one time it's better to be a taker than a maker: take out your trash

We've got the stories: 610 tires, 150 'fridges, 100 mattresses, 15 trailers, 2 pianos and a jacuzzi - and that's just the things (not counting more than 200 tons of stuff). Shawn and Eve told us secrets, too: who's best at keeping clean (off-roaders) and who's the worst, who's a big help (locals donors and Teller County Waste), plus how this can all be done ONE BAG AT A TIME.

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