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An out-of-order episode from Gearhead Consultantcy - blame the psychic iPod: hillclimb and mountain details for race fans attending this year’s 102nd PPIHC… This is a special thing, and thanks to the officials, organizers, racers and crews that make it possible (with a little help from the Garage Hour), you can better sink your teeth into one of America’s most iconic motorsports to-dos. …Spots to spectate, locations to get to, background on names and why they matter, plus neatos like the flyby at Glen Cove, getting airborne at Engineers, the other side of Bottomless Pit, natural terrain versus “built” roads, why George’s Corner is the best spot on the hill, and yelling at photographers.

Then again, it’s the Garage Hour, so there’s more: why all the trees fell down, weed whacking your leg for fun and pain, hidden reserviors, Sesame Street versus the Muppets, Fisker’s refail bankruptsy, personal hillclimbing versus 100% race, driving music for brainly balance, and tracks from the Hillclimb Special.

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