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06.20.09: Classic! Mitch Dorr Interview, Building Stock Class Off-Road, OEMs & Stimulus Fails, Cash for Clunkers & Death of Good Used Cars (Logic Fail & Taxpayer Bail), 24 Hours-LeMans, NASCAR-Sears Point, F1 Twit Olympics, Diesel VS Gov't, + Clay Bar

Pure Garage Hour reload right here: Hostus Maximus Justin Fort does a rare solo show and displays some of the chops that helped turn a few moments of gearhead powa into a five-plus year talk show juggernaut.

Who's on?  Mitch Dorr, Goodyear Super Stock racer at Crandon and son of short-course Rough Rider legend "Geoff "Mr. Personality" Dorr.  What's in it?  Cash for Clunkers (we were right), how big business kills good ideas (right again), how government involvement makes everything worse (right , right, right), and why the Lexus People from Orange County are a threat to San Diego.

Moving right along, there's also reports from the 24 Hours of LeMans (it's Audi's fault), NASCAR racing at Sears Point (it's Kyle Busch's fault), why F1 is turning into the Twit Olympics (it's the Nazi's fault - what's his name?  Mosely?), and CART's clumsy intermingling with Indy (they all sucked that one up).  Following good racing, however, we get back to the basics and try to teach you a few things about washing your car (because you're probably doing it wrong).

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