Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns
06.21.14: Black Guns & Brown Bottles (Learn to Love the AR/Don't Be a Gun Racist), Plus AR Tech and History, Jet Turbines for Fun and Pleasure, Rock and/or Roll, and Jeff from Twisted Manzanita

Good stuff - the Garage Hour guys get into a chat about why the AR-15 rifle is not only fun to build and great to shoot, but is an excellent home-defense weapon (especially for women and young adults - Joe Biden can stick his shotgun where the sun don't shine), and the goons also dig into some AR/M4 history because, well, history is awesome.

Jeff Trevaskis from Twisted Manzanita Ales & Spirits joins former factory test-driver, Death Star leftover and Hostus Maximus Justin Fort and cohost .45 Phil, 27-year Marine and That Which Goes Bump in the Night for two hours of the good stuff, plus jet turbines, Manz's upcoming fourth-anniversary party, the brewing scene in San Diego, a few discussions with Nick the Trick about John Paul Jones and additional rock awesomeness, and an honest assessment of the sh!tstorm brewing in the Middle East and why the eggheads in the White House both caused it and are making it worse.

Remember, the AR-15 was originally designed by Satan, the AR will fire automatically if it smells fear, and if you're shot with an AR, you become one and shoot others, turning them into ARs.  THESE and other fun AR facts are discussed, dispelled and disproven on dis week's Garage Hour.  Yes, have some.


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