Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns
06.22.16: Garage Hour Learns Weird Beer @ Helix Brewing (+ Return of Stanky Dank), Food Trucks, AR-15s & AK-47s, Barrels & Bricks, Special Forces & Forklifts, Old Soldiers & Tales from Laos, + First-Person Analysis of the JFK Shooting by .45 Phil

True to form, the Garage Hour goons have recorded another ricochet episode: so much topic, so little time.  Too many good guests and too many powerful cohosts means what little rudder this episode had won't be enough - beer craft and hop styles, AR-15s and AK-47s (and how to wreck an AK, from someone who did it back when the bad guys wore black PJs), wine versus Prius owners, forklifts, food truck, hipsters versus snobs, weird beers, brewing in barrels, Oklahoma humor, and a first-person dissertation on the defilade angles of the JFK shooting (because who doesn't enjoy a little conspiracy?).

Throw a Garage Hour and a party happens, especially when you do it at Helix Brewing in La Mesa's scenic industrial district.  Escorted into the gravity well by Hostus Maximus Justin Fort, none other than .45 Phil and Chef Jeff answer the call, followed by Mrs. Jeff and Mike the Duck, as well as a few long-time neighbors of the show, Mr. and Mrs. Green Beret (John & Gayle).

Everyone's host at this episode of brick-lined excellence was the defatigueable Cameron from Helix Brewing, big fan of the ladies and one-man brewing army.  If you listen loosely, you'll even hear Cameron admit that he talks to his beers.  The big question is whether they talk back.

If you prefer to listen to this episode in low-fi knuckle-draggin' portable MP3 mode, search for the same date episode with the "MP3" tag on it.

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