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06.23.12: Classic! Boris Said, BBQ Marinades, F1 Golfballs, Bacon (Duhh), Crawlers, Miata Ownership, Pig Hunting, Farcebook's Fraud, Progressive Frauds, Rev. Horton Heat

Yummy!  Good radio right here (in podcast form...).  Dirty Dave, Don't Die Brian and Hostus Maximus Justin Fort practice exacting gearhead conversation with a big ball of worship for the road-race awesomesauce that is Boris Said, as well as talk trail crawlers, overheating Miatas, more GM recalls (duhhh), Dave coulthard catching a golfball (off a driver!) in a moving car, as well as hunting pigs for fun and bacon, eating bacon, plus standard off-issue freakouts like Farcebook's fraud on humanity, progressivism's fradulent souls, the Reverend Horton Heat and fixing barbecues (and marinades for meat cooked within them).

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