Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns
06.26.10: Classic! Zip-Ties & Beer Cans, Hungover Bears VS Pistol-Packin' Geologists (Now, w/ Choppers!), Genius VS Felony Stupid, Marmots VS Your Truck, Physical Graffiti VS Master of Puppets, Dude Food w/ Off-Road Manifold Onions & Mountain Burritos

So much goodness…  Tales of mountain climbing on Mt. Whitney and bears attacking on three hours sleep, with zombies and whether they care about how long they last, plus so much rock and roll it'll make your head go all explodey, it's got to be another of Hank Watson's Garage Hours.  Why fake praise when you can throw rocks instead?

While off-roaders and Jeepers cook onions on the intake manifold, the rest of the gang wraps the truck with chicken wire to deter high-mountain attack marmots, because if it's not bears on too many downers it's the Garage Hour and our unending quest to figure out the best way to kill that which goes bump in the night.  The rangers say .357 ain't enough for grizzlies in these here parts nowadays, so how about .458 Casul?  A nice Desert Eagle .50?  What about the ongoing argument of 12-gauge deer slug versus double-ought buck?  The Garage Hour goons hit it all, including their new line of simulated fur velour sasquatch silhouettes.

There's also a rich vein of musical awareness in this episode, with everyone from Zep to Metallica, Corrosion, Floyd, Sabbath, Purple, Skynyrd, Rush, Testament, and a fitting discussion of noted gearhead and epic drumslayer, John "Bonzo" Bonham, and his penchant for earning the finest in speeding tickets.  Then several drunken friends of the show call in with suggestions of Dr. Dre and Miles Davis...

As it often begins as it ends, Hank Watson's Garage Hour finishes on Dude Food, with tales of fair food (and the dreaded zucchini weenie), as well as the age-old argument of flapjack versus pancake.

If you'd like the low-fi cromag version of this episode, search for the same date with an "MP3" in the header.

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