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06.28.14: Garage Hour International! Democracy VS Bureaucracy, Scary World Crises, Jobs in CA, the Southern Border Freakout, All with Larry Wilske (Running for San Diego's 53rd) In-Studio

We Garage Hour types need to unload more than just ammo - this episode is all about the political madness gripping an uneasy American electorate that we usualy restrain ourselves from mentioning during more gearheadulous episodes.  We dip into a pile of hotbeds, including America's perilous employment situation, the massive giveback of blood and treasure to Islamic extremists in nothern Iraq, the looming Red Chinese threat in the South China Sea, Russians on Eastern Europe's border, the waves of illegals flooding America's southern border (thank God for Canada, eh?), plus some really good big-picture thinking on the part of Larry Wilske, former Command Master Chief of SEAL Team 7 and now a candidate for San Diego's 53rd congressional district.

Joining Larry in-studio are Matt Klier (told you he'd be back) of Active Shooter Defense School, .45 Phil (Master Guns) and host with the most car parts not attached to cars, Justin Fort.


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