Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns
06.29.09: Classic! 4th-Ever Show, w/ Formula 1 Rich Guy Fights, Building Toyota Trucks, Venture Bros., Tow Straps, Backwoods Rescues, Slow Rangers, Stupid Subie Moments, Plus NASCAR Road Racing & San Diego Rallycross

Old Garage Hours sound so different from the new ones - more car and truck (which is good), less guns and beer (which is not good).  Oh, and you can tell we don't have the rhythm yet.  That's okay - we were almost as good at making it up back then as we are now.

This one starts with pointing out that the last thing awesome about NASCAR is the road-course races, and proceeds to the anti-NASCAR, local SCCA-sanctioned rallycross.  Other horsepowery goodness includes the classic "Nissan Partrol" [sic] hillclimb video, the SoCal Euro show we missed, junkyards and Formula 1 owners (bickering like a clutch of old hens).  Then, once all the horsepower is gone, weh chat about modding Toyota trucks and 4Runners for off-road adventure (see? they have no power) and play with lift recipies and tales of rescuing idiots from themselves.  Friends of the show innclude Bilstein, Downey, Rubicon, SCCA, ARB, TRD and the junkyard.

Beer Mike joins host Justin Fort for this episode, so, of course, there's beer and cartoons, plus a prank call from cohost Grizzly Chris.

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