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07.02.11: Classic! VR-4 VS 323 GTX, Time Trials, Sasquatch Runs, Swingline Staplers, Israel VS Hamas, and the Chargers Owners VS San Diegans

Do we call these early Garage Hours "classics" or "reloads"?  It's a fiery argument down at GHHQ, but either way, here's the goods: this one is all about the gearheads.  From VR-4 Mitsu Galants and Mazda's nasty little 323 GTX, and a complete Sasquatch Run report (#1, to be exact, complete with leaking Broncos) VS KCBQ's notorious Swingline stapler, we take it apart and might put it back together.  There's also a look at the upcoming Lone Pine Time Trials, and a review of Team America, just because. Oh yeah, Dirty Dave also lays his "Top Men" list for 2010/2011 on us, also because.

Black Ryan (East County Jew) is in the studio with host Justin Fort, Dirty Dave and Bret Norgaard from Bilstein (or is it Terb Draagron from not Bilstein?), so it's inevitable that the gearhead savants also chat international politics and the sharp spear that is Israel, and why picking fights with the baddest guy in the neighborhood usually doesn't work out - even if you're as mad as the psychos running Gaza.

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