Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns

Don’t get us wrong - if people drove as well as flying cars deserved, the Garage Hour goons would be all about Jetsoning to the hardware store for a 2x4, but as long as geeks like us can’t get straight answers about liability and licensing and small details like power provison, controls sans computer, and when we can fly our car up a canyon like Clint in “Firefox”, we’ll stick with the backyard helicopter, thank you.  ...Just like electric cars, until said thing can stand on its own two, it’s just words.

More to love: rock and roll from Dog Fashion Disco, Contagion, Man or Astroman, Hum, Dandelion and Die Krupps, fire and lots of it, “Demolition Man” robot-car self-drive shenannigans, with an intro by some misshapen monsters from Mars.

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