Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns
07.03.10: Hour @ the 'Port Classic! Beer Tasting & Beer Terms (Trube!), Evo & WRX VS Porsche, Magic Bullet & Original .50-Cal Ricochet Debate, Shooting iPhones, Ford & Toyota Recalls, Plus Boston's Kennedy Problem

Live radio from the brewery: it's an Hour at the 'Port, with the Garage Hour goons joining forces with Pizza Port Carlsbad for one of our first beerhead shows.  Everything from beer tasting - Night Stalker, Good Grief Brown, Coffee Monster, and all the fun beer words that made it happen, including floculate and trube - to Toyota and Ford recalls, an assault on iPhones, earthquakes, Orosco Range, flying children, Miatas, Barona Drags, and a fine pile of Kennnedy humor in honor of guest cohost Boston Rich.

Speaking of, Pizza Port brewer Boston Rich sits down with Dirty Dave, Grizzly Chris, Mr. Dustin (Top Earner) and Hostus Maximus Justin Fort on the 'Port's porch for this one, and rest assured, this is one.

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