Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns
07.04.09: Classic! July 4 Dude Food Excellence, Trail-Access & Off-Road Advocacy (& What You Can Do), Broken CA, Hummers & Vintage Desert Racing, Conservative Conservationism, Plus Testament, Ministry, Lemmy & Ugly Rockers #1

This early Garage Hour is a fine example of the banter-beating delivery that hallmarks the show's festival-of-digression style - from off-road and trail-access issues that affect everyone with knobby tires to burger recipies and how to make the 72lb pack of frozen sausages from Costco work for you, it's in there.

There's also a healthy dose of prognostication from the Garage Hour goons, as they forsee a bunch of the bad stuff coming down the pike from both federal and CA state bureaucracies as it relates to your ability to drive on trails and enjoy your backwoods self without restriction.  The hosts with the most speeding tickets also dig into SpecWar, machine guns, the H1 and H2 guys, why rock & rollers are usually ugly, infighting in Formula 1, all of it kicked off balance by a call-in from Dave Stall.

This episode was the Garage Hour's One-Month Anniversary, so join the cohosts in their universal state of stunned that it lasted this long.  On-air with Hostus Newguystus Justin Fort is none other than Dirty Dave.

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