Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns
07.05.14: 4th of July, Patriotism and Dude Food, Plus Gov Motor's Growing Recall, Breech VS Chamber, Beer in San Diego, Flags in Fletcher Hills, the Scary State of the US's Southern Border, and Our Ongoing Assault on Hipsters

Yummy stuff: on this Fourth (Fifth) of July episode, the Garage Hour goons spend time feeling good about America, watching out for America, talking about America, and then reminiscing about all the great stuff we ate while doing it.

.45 Phil, Chef Jeff from The Hills in La Mesa, CA, and Hostus Maximus Justin Fort discuss chicken, marinades, grilling, peppers (again!), tri-tip, Beth Burgers and all the beers we can enjoy with them before taking a knife to the Oobama-made crisis on America's southern border, taking a bite out of the latest numbers from the massive (MASSIVE) Gov't Motors recall, sticking our toungue out at the crisis of violence that is gun-free Chicago (how's taking guns away from law-abiding citizens working out?), and pinching our nose at the crisis that is hipster culture.

Of course, this is the Fourth (Fifth) of July episode, so we also spent some time on what Independence Day means to each of us, and the sacrifices that got us here (and you'd better start paying attention, or we're going to need to make some more).


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