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Hey, it's summer - too much gearheadventure to be had.  We're back now, though, with miles in our eyes, dust on our tunics and gristle in our teeth.  Well, not gristle, really, more like bacon.  But we're back.

The Garage Hour goons joined our buddies from Helix Brewing to record a live "Where's Garage Hour?" special at this year's San Diego Beer & Music Fest.  Joined on-air and in person by local brewers like Belching Beaver and Julian Hard Cider, the Diesel Ayatollah, .45 Phil and Silent Craig whipped out a great gearhead chat with Hostus Maximus Justin Fort.  What about?  The beer scene in San Diego, independent beers versus industrial pet loss-leader beer, new restaurants, cider versus beer, the secret story of Julian's apple pie (It's made with people!), and why people at beerfests wear pretzel clothing.  The Garage Hour goons also make their way to a few of the 50-plus brewers at the SD Beer & Music Fest, and we tell you about what we drank.

It's because we care.

Speaking of because, because the folks with Helix were so damn busy at this event, we were unable to capture them for radio time, so we Bogarted Andy from the Beaver and Brian from Julian Hard Cider to join us on-air instead.  It's great radio about great beer - who are you to resist?

Justin case you aren't just a beerhead, yes, we'll always be gearheads.  There's our recurring love affair with the mystery of Amelia Earheart's disappearance, e-locked Tacos, beer powers, Bob "Red Catfish" Failner, cirrhosis of the fescue, flare wrenches, the alcohol app, low-flying aircraft (DUCK!), and the never-ending saga of brake bleeding.

Because beerhead, except because gearhead.

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