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07.12.14: Racer & Fast Guy Special! Hillclimbing and a Potential Palomar Race, Road Racing and the 24 Hours of Lemons, Broken Parts  Show & Tell and How to Get Started

It's another Garage Hour full of fast guys, with factory test driver and host Justin Fort joined in-studio by hillclimb specialist and Yawsport overseer Bret Norgaard, and miserable hot shoe Marc Riesenberg, driving instructor and 24 Hours of Lemons racer.  Norgaard and Riesenberg go all in about their 2014 go-fast events, including the competition at this year's Buttonwillow Lemons 24 and Bret's latest stab at the 2014 Larison Rock Hillclimb.  Justin Fort leads them through details of their efforts, including Riesenberg's into-crash of the team's BMW 318 and their record number of penalties, and Bret gets into the weeds about keeping his wide-by-long TL hillclimber out of the weeds.  The fast guys also talk about how to get yourself started in go-fast fun like hillclimbing and the Lemons 24 series, plus the potential of there being a SoCal hillclimb if Bret's plans for Palomar Mountain bear fruit.

Alteruniverse Garage Hour antihosts Nitsuj Trof, Terb Draagron and Cram Grebneseir also brought Show & Tell for this episode, with broken shocks, holed pistons and bent rods by the boxfull.  Tune in a have some: yes, now.


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