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07.13.13: Combo Episode: Auto Detailing & Wartime Politics! Off-Road Advocacy, Cruise Missile Diplomacy, Car Washing Humor, East County Dining, Plus Bret "Statist Nozzle" Stalbaum

Another grand experiment in gearhead radio: the Garage Hours' Auto Detailing & Wartime Politics episode, or how we learned to stop worrying and love Cruise Missile Diplomacy.  Also included in this killer pile of smart-guy awesomesauce are such gems as "every Iran deserves a battleship (sitting a few miles offshore)", the anti-gun Stalbaum bashfest, and the introduction of .45 Phil's latest app: the "People Phil Needs to Slap Around" app.

It's not all fun and games, however.  Phil, Crag Maxwell and Hostus Maximus Justin Fort get into off-road advocacy, and auto detailing... details... like car wax, clay bars, and the Two Bucket Method.  The official Garage Hour gullets also Dude Food it up with a fine selection of East County eateries, and talk a little about gun safety before recounting how World War One doughboys used to shoot German hand grenades like it was pigeon season (plus ze Germans) with their scary American shotgun skills.  Then Crag quotes Hobbes and makes the rest of the Garage Hour goons look stupid. Er.

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