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07.13.16 (MP3): Second Amendment Issues in Kalifornistan (Live from Helix Brewing), Assault Weapons Ban VS Civil Rights, Glock Factory Triggers, Legislators VS Voters, Government Creatures, Reservoir Dogs VS Usual Suspects, + Gun Care w/ Brake Cleaner

Sometimes there's just enough episode for one really big point, and this was one of those nights.  Recording at Helix Brewing Co. in La Mesa, CA, the Garage Hour goons (well, just two goons plus Miss Pink) spent some solid time talking about what California's misguided (or likely just wrong) "elected" representatives have been doing to your Second Amendment.  Don't be shocked - bad things are coming.  Worse.  Worser.

Matt Klier from Active Shooter Defense School (along with Miss Pink, of ASDPink) joined the Garage Hour's Hostus Maximus (Justin Pink) to chat about the anti-2A bills that have recently been signed by Kalifornistan Gov. Spongebrain Brownpants, and touch on Matt's plan to sue the state on civil rights grounds for one of the laws, which outright bans "assault weapons".  Sadly, there is has been no mention of the state going after "assault" behavior, "assault" cars or "assault" governance.

Count on the Garage Hour for other associated gearhead awesomeness:  there is the lifelong question of whether Honda has ever really made a "truck", whether you'd trade your Constitutional rights for a cup of coffee, if Steven Seagal is, in fact, a murder robot, how to clean your firearms with brake cleaner, how not to treat your rifle, and about 72 attempts to avoid talking about Hillary "I'm too cankly to arrest" Clinton.

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