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07.14.16: Dangerous Choices: Truck Frame VS Unibody & Canklegate VS Trump! What Makes a Truck a Truck, the Corruptopotamus Party, Are Jeeps Trucks?, Bed VS Frame, Ridgeline Fail, Clinton Crises, Invading Canada, Benghazi, Gov Religion, + Dead-End Voters

It started with trucks (and what ain't), but like any good party, the Garage Hour rarely winds up where it began.  If you like trucks, hate cars, have a soft spot for Jeeps, are looking for a checklist of what's a truck, or just can't bring yourself to count all the Honda Ridgelines in the Starbucks parking lot, have we got a show for you.

Joined at Helix Brewing (drinkhelix.com) by a few of the Cohosts of Gearhead Superiority, Hostus Maximus Justin Fort chats all the way through "What's truck" to "Who's a corruptopotamus?" with Active Shooter Defense School's Matt Killer and Miss Pinkerton (ASDSchool.com) - who can honestly say "Hillary Killed My Friends" - and Majid Gol, owner and operator of Global Resource Remarketing (GSRCar.com - need truck?).

Like we said, it's not all trucks, but at least we tried.  What's a wagon?  Unibody versus frame?  Do beds matter?  Are transformers hiding in plain sight as Chevy Avalanches?  Can a Toyota be a truck?  But, because we digress (says so right here), how can a talk show full of real people not take some shots at the dangerously fraudulent Usurper of Reality that is the dead-end voting government worshippers of the political left?  We get to it all.  Well, no, that's not true, but the Garage Hour goons sure managed to get a pizza delivered during the recording of this episode.

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