Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns
07.19.14: Gearheads on Chasing Bad Guys, Testing Railguns, Breaking Overdrives, Missing Anthrax, Burning Windmills, Simmering International Tensions, Shooting Springfields, Buying Pistols, Cursing Farcebook

Gearhead-issue Garage Hour target-rich environment: police chases in San Diego, the CDC loosing anthrax and Metallica and Helmet, our upcoming railgun interviews, broken drivetrain parts, input/non-output overdrives, Farcebook spying on us all, windmills burning toxicly in the desert, plus .45 Phil, Jeff from Twisted Manzanita Ales & Spirits, Taylor from Direct Action Solutions, and Hostus Maximus Justin Fort.

Oh, and just to be thorough, there's also good eatin' on BUK2 missile launchers, beer brewing, turbines, pimping for the upcoming sci-fi episode, shooting Springfield Armory things, and why we're not chicken so we'll happily take up Grade "A" nozzle Eric Holder's challenge to talk about races.  Or racing.  Whatever he wants.


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